Booked a 2 bedroom apartment for 2 nights stay... A very homely place run by a Singaporean. Very humble guy whom you can see him around the hotel most of the time. A very basic and convenient place to stay especially for business.. Shopping mall within walkable distance. Almost of the staff we met in the hotel does speaks English and could give recommendation on where to go or what to eat.. Big plus ! Will be back to stay on the next visit to Hanoi...
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Đoàn ĐH Cần Thơ

Khách sạn Pan Horizon tốt về mọi mặt: phục vụ, cơ sở vật chất, điều kiện, dịch vụ, sự hỗ trợ, tư vấn, đội ngũ từ anh mở cửa đến người tận trong cùng...
Đặc biệt chị Vân Anh, tiếp tân và kế toán linh hoạt hỗ trợ ĐHCT trong thanh toán
Pan Horizon Executive Residences hân hạnh được tiếp đón đoàn sinh viên của trường Đại học Cần Thơ trong những ngày đầu tháng 6 vừa qua. Rất mong được tiếp tục hỗ trợ Đại học Cần Thơ trong thời gian tới.
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Value for money, great staffs especial the cleaning team and the gate team.
This place is great for family and business trip. It is not in the tourist area but not too far either. Easy to access city centre by bus service with cheap price. Shops is closed. The ladies in the the cleaning team is brilliant; reception staffs and gate staffs are very heldfull as well. Breakfast and coffee is not a strong point on this accommodation. Breakfast is OK for Asian customers but not much variety for Western visitors, coffee, in my view, too strong and cold for Westerners. Overall, it is a lovely place, value money but still many rooms to improve.
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I have stayed for this hotel for more than 7 times. This is definitely my home in Hanoi. The location is close to many of my client's offices and it saves traffic time for me. They offer free laundry services which is really a big plus for business travelers. I will recommend the hotel without doubts.
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Bow M

Walk 10 minutes to indo China department 
2 minutes to vina mart. Breakfast is from japanese restaurant. Staff are very friendly. Comfortable room kitchen in room.Have Exercise room and small pool and parking.
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Pan Horizon is run by a Singaporean gentleman named Stephen Ong. The building is modern and spacious with its own power supply and purified water. We rented a two bedroom apartment (fully stocked kitchen, with living room and dining area) for about $110 a night. Sleep quality was enhanced by the double pane windows that keep out the traffic noise. The beds were firm and comfortable and location was perfect for our mission at a nearby university. The hotel is popular with Japanese expats and fresh Japanese newspapers are available in the lobby daily. Meals (breakfast is included) are served by a very friendly staff in the restaurant. There are plenty of other restaurants nearby. There is also a sauna and massage facility but we did not try it. Also a small pool and courtyard. The staff speak good English and they were very helpful when I had a spot of trouble. Wifi access was fast and easy. It's about a 35 minute cab ride from the Hanoi International Airport and roughly the same to downtown Hanoi, though the time of day really makes a difference. At rush hour the scooter traffic resembles salmon swimming upstream to spawn.
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We have been staying here on and off for almost 11 months. First my husband came here alone and then we came here as a family. The staff is the best.. the maid service.. laundry service.. the breakfasts.. these are all great services and perfect for business travel and even for a family stationed here getting their foot on the ground while househunting. (which is what we are doing now) There is a small pool that is great for kids and gym and also a restaurant downstairs which serves Japanese, chinese and Vietnamese meals.. great for dinners and they also deliver to your apartment. they are eager to assist and also very courteous. Ok english so you won't struggle with too much communications issues like many other places. I would stay here permanently if they were closer to where we need to be. There are local places on the street near by and even the markets if you want to explore the culture. Taxis are always available and a good spa is near by.
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